Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Boy Meets Girl

In the Fall of 2002 Josh and I were attending Wheaton College. Josh was a senior, playing football and enjoying his last two semesters with his friends. I was a freshman, playing volleyball and loving the life of a college student. Neither one of us remember our initial meeting but we do remember enjoying one another's company. We attended the same church and small group, but our friendship didn't develop until spring/summer of 2006.

The end of my senior year I received an email from Josh. He said he had heard from a mutual friend, Nissa, that I would be moving back to phoenix and teaching Spanish. Little did I know, but I guess he had told Nisa I was always someone he had been interested in pursuing. He was in phoenix, working and coaching the summer football program for SCA and I was in Wisconsin working at HoneyRock as the waterfront coordinator, so we spent the summer exchanging emails about our summer adventures.

It was fall and I had finally made it back to Phoenix. At the time Josh was attending Living Streams church, as was I, but we never managed to run into one another. Finally, one Sunday as I was leaving the church parking lot I received a phone call from Josh asking if I was still at church. I said I was just leaving and then I saw him standing on the sidewalk looking out into the parking lot. I pulled over and hopped out of my red Jetta and gave him a hug. We talked briefly. I introduced him to my family, who was in my car. One fact that you should know is that my Mom and Nissa were conspiring all along, hoping that Josh and I would be interested in one another. Josh and I spent the remainder '06 and part of '07 hanging out as friends. He even helped me lead a camping trip with 17 high school kids to Oak Creek. The kids gave him the nickname "Buffness;" I don't think he minded it too much.

At the end of May '07 Josh asked if he could take me fly fishing. He was very persistent and I said yes. We coordinated our schedules and set the date for mid June. I met Josh at his house in the morning and by 10am we were on our way to Chevelon Lake. We stopped in Payson and had lunch at Chilli's (not an important detail, but a detail nonetheless).

From Chilli's we drove on a dirt road and made our way to the lake. The drive was one of the best parts; we had great conversation, listened to music and I really enjoyed the off-roading experience. Once we made it to the parking spot, Josh inflated the float tubes and we started the short hike to the water. Josh assembled the fly-rod and upon his first instructional cast he caught a fish. I think he was proud of himself and I was very impressed. We spent the next 4-5hours floating around the lake fishing and talking. I don't remember how many fish we caught, but we did catch quite a few. Upon leaving Chevelon, we stopped in Payson for dinner and then headed home. It was a wonderful date and I was hooked!!!

On August 12th Josh called my dad to ask for his blessing to date me. I can't tell you how impressed my parents were and how much bigger my heart grew for Josh upon knowing that he did that. My dad really admired Josh then and still does now, so of course he gave his blessing. My parents came into my room and told me about the conversation and then they prayed a blessing over mine and Josh's relationship. What a beautiful start!! God be glorified!!!