Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Beginnings of Life Together by Josh

                  The tale of Joshua Christopher and Jessica Lee Utterback began long before they became one on May 30, 2009.  In fact it is unclear in both of their minds the very day they met at Wheaton College; and both of them being from Phoenix who is to say they never bumped into one another sometime in childhood.
                 Anyway, for the sake of simplicity let’s jump ahead and just say that upon recognition of Jessica’s extraordinary beauty and Christ-like character Josh decided it would be best to ask permission of Gary Gries (Jessica’s father) to pursue his daughter.  Although cautious and methodical in his approach toward the dating process, Josh could not help himself from desiring to spend more and more time with Jessica.  He looked forward to the walks with Macy (leash in one hand and Jessica’s in the other), cuddle time on the couch, going out for pizza or ice cream, and the candid conversations about the challenges, joys, and dreams of life.  As time passed it was evident both Josh and Jessica were in love.  Josh knew deep down there could never be anyone who would love him this fully or be a more complete partner in Christ than Jessica.  So the decision was made that Josh was going to propose to marry Jessica.

 In preparation for the proposal Josh requested that Jessica have her ring finger sized with Melinda Utterback.  After quite a few trips to the jeweler to make sure everything was perfect Josh finally had the ring.  It was December 17, 2008 and in his typical by the book manner Josh went over to the Gries family house to ask for Jessica’s hand in marriage.  Gary and Nancy were quick to embrace Josh and offer their support.  The secret couldn’t be kept for long so Josh needed to act quickly.
                  Josh had decided that December, 18, 2009 would be the day he proposed to Jessica.  The initial plan to propose along Oak Creek or Chevelon Lake in northern Arizona had been hampered by inclement weather, but with some careful planning the encouragement of his sister Katrina a plan was mapped out.  He didn’t want the proposal to just be a forgettable event over dinner, but he wanted the whole day to be fun-filled.  Josh and Jessica began the day by attending Joy Brianna Utterback’s dance recital.  The smiles and laughter of children was a great way to kick off the adventure.  From there they went to grab coffee and tea at Jessica’s favorite spot, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  Next they were off to search for “ugly sweaters” at the local thrift store.  After purchasing some amazingly hideous looking sweaters they stopped back at Jessica’s house as her outfit required some additional craftsmanship.  Then they were headed to a wonderful lunch at Pita Jungle, a longtime favorite for both of them.  It should be noted that the ring was in Josh’s jeans or coat pocket nearly the entire day and it was a miracle that he didn’t somehow notify Jessica that he was fiddling with it.
Finally it was time to head to the Desert Botanical Gardens.  Although Josh had been there the day before to plan out the route, he played it cool as if he was seeing the new Chihuly exhibit and all the fun facts about Arizona plants for the first time.  Josh and Jessica were truly in love and their joy and laughter was evident as they made their way through the garden loop.  Now despite having walked the route the day before, the location in which Josh wanted to propose came about quicker than expected.  Two people suggested they go around the corner to get a more isolated view of the pond.  It was there on the bench where Josh was able to collect his thoughts and pour out his heart to Jessica.  He shared with her a number of memories that he had written down along with the many admirable attributes that she exhibited.  At last the moment came when Josh dropped to one knee, pulled out the ring and asked for Jessica to be his wife.  She answered at first with an elated “Uh-huh” and a nod of the head and then said “Yes”.  After a few minutes to enjoy the moment, commit the relationship to the Lord in prayer, and snap a few pictures to memorialize it, they were off to tell their friends and meet up with family.  As their love for one another grows there will certainly be more adventures, times of sadness, laughter, insecurity, excitement, and anticipation.  Despite the uncertainty of the future, Josh and Jessica are comforted that above all Christ is the cornerstone of their life together

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  1. Love it! And hearing from Josh- well written =)