Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feeling Creative

This past weekend I was feeling creative, so I worked on two projects.  The first was for the wall in our hall bathroom.  Before there were a few mirrors and a picture of Josh and I.  It looked fine, but was kind of creepy for our guest to have us "watching them" when natured called.  I bought 3 frames from Goodwill for $3 and then painted them white. 

These are the frames after being sanded.

The hall bathroom with the new frames and some mirrors I had on the wall before. 
 It's pretty simple, slightly crooked, but I like the finished project. 

The second project I found at a garage sale after church on Sunday.  Right now Josh and I have a metal, baking rack as a TV stand; one of the remaining remnants of the bachelor pad days.  I saw the piece and immediately knew I wanted to stain it and put it in the living room.