Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week Review

Tuesday a Healthy Baby Girl was Born.
Wednesday one birthmom overdosed and was recovering.  Another mom went in labor and delivered a healthy baby boy.  My sister-in-law delivered a healthy baby boy.
Thursday a mom relinquished her rights to her child and felt so alone and shattered.
Friday a mom said good bye to her child.
Saturday two mom's were without their children and not sure how to cope.
Sunday a mom relinquished her rights to her child.  She opened up about her past and how she was so mad at God for allowing her to experience all the hurt she has in her short lifetime.  She doesn't want any help, counsel or God.

Lord, I pray for these women.  May they find you.  You heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Josh and I had the opportunity to travel to China May 14-31st to visit the Jared Utterback family, the Knapp family and to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary.

We started our journey in Beijing with the Knapps.  We spent our first day at Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City.

The following day we flew to Chengdu and spent a few days in Jared and Allison's old stomping grounds.  We visited the panda exhibit and went to a restaurant that had fire breathers.

After 3 days in Chengdu we then drove 6 hours to Bazhong where Jared and Allison are currently living.  In Bazhong we visited the dancing square, hiked, had many massages and foot washes, fished and visited the meat and vegetable market.

After spending 9 days in Bazhong we headed for Guanyuan to fly back to Beijing.  After 2 evacuated
take offs, one in which we were partially lifted off the ground, I was not willing to get back on the plane the following day to attempt another take off so we decided to head back to Chengdu (another 6 hour drive) and fly from there back to Beijing.  We arrived in Beijing after 20 hours of travel from Bazhongand boy were we thankful to be back with friends!!  The next day was our anniversary and last full day in Beijing so we spent it hiking on the Great Wall; what a memorable anniversary!!!!  We had a wonderful time and are so grateful for the Jared Utterback family and the Knapps!!