Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Chase

Yesterday Josh and I were driving home from dinner when Josh asked me if I saw the bull dog running in the street.  I said no and told him he knew what we needed to do.  Josh flipped around without question and the pursuit was on. 

We pulled up alongside a red faced teen girl who said she had been trying to catch the dog all day.  I hopped out of the car thinking, "she's been 'trying' to catch this dog all day, she must not be trying very hard."  Sure enough, we got close to the dog and the dog took off; the girl was close behind.  I should mention this girl was fast, really fast, so I don't doubt she had been "trying" all day.  She informed me that animal control came out and weren't able to catch the dog either. After a few lame attempts of keeping up with the fast girl and the dog I realized that I was in no way, shape or form going to be able to be of any assistance, so Josh and I traded spots.  Josh started running and I started driving, by this time more people had joined the chase.  We were finally able to corner the dog in an alley.  She was beat, covered in ticks and dehydrated.  She was a sweet pup and looked like she had been loved by someone.  The fast girls mom owned a dog grooming shop nearby, so she took the dog back to the shop and her mom went to work cleaning up the pup and getting her hydrated.  There was someone within the shopping complex that wanted to adopt the dog if the owners weren't located. 

All in all it it took 40 mins, over 2 miles, 2 cars and 7 people to catch the dog.  It was a fun experience and Josh knows that he shouldn't mention seeing a wandering dog unless he is willing to help it.  I have such a great husband!!!!.