Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pregnancy : 17 weeks

Well, I am officially over 17 weeks along and finally starting to show. I haven't posted any belly pictures because you wouldn't really be able to tell; I just looked like my tummy wasn't toned in the slightest. :)

The pregnancy has been going smoothly. The first trimester was filled with exhaustion (10 hours sleep a night and a 2 hour nap after work kind of exhaustion) and nausea, but that was expected and both have dissipated. :) Josh has been such a great support!!! He took the lead on laundry, grocery shopping and helping me with meals; I didn't even have to ask. I think he realized after 2 weeks of taking clean laundry out of the laundry basket that I just wasn't motivated to fold and put it away so he gladly took over and even asked how I like things folded. He did it purely for the purpose of serving me; I really don't think he minded getting his clothes out of the basket every day. :)

People have been asking me if I've had any cravings. I would say yes and no; I've found there are more things I just can't stomach. Pickles are my new found love, I could eat them every day, seriously!! Dairy and coffee; however, are quite the opposite. Not being able to drink coffee has been a big adjustment. Prior to getting pregnant I would have a cup a day as part of my pre-work routine. I wasn't drinking it for the caffeine(most of the time I was getting decaf), but instead for the delicious flavor. I stuck with my routine until I was 8 weeks and then my body just couldn't handle it anymore. I love coffee!! I love the smell, the taste, and the fellowship that can be had over a cup; so today, almost 10 weeks later, I decided to give it another try. I am hopeful Starbucks treats me well and the baby likes the delicious decaf vanilla soy latte. I won't be adding it back to my daily routine, but would like to be able to enjoy a nice treat every now and then. I would say I love dairy just as much as I love coffee, but you can't really fellowship over a block of cheese like you can over a cup of joe. :)

I realize this post is all over the place, perhaps a sign of how my brain works during pregnancy, but I wanted to be able to document the minor changes that have taken place and to remember how much of a rock star Josh has been!!!

In 2 weeks Josh and I will get to see the baby for the 1st time and find out if we are having a boy or girl. We are ecstatic to say the least!!! This ultrasound isn't just for us to find out the gender, but also to see if the baby is developing as it should. We appreciate your prayer for us and the little one!!

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  1. So excited to see you preggo & find out what little bundle is inside- boy or girl?!?!?! AND I always love the music you have on your blog.