Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Registry

I have started registering for Baby items and find the task to be quite overwhelming.  The stores give you a list of items you "need" that are obviously really not needed and then you are presented with SO many options/brands for the "needed" items.  Thanks to my father-in-law I have access to Consumer Reports and have made that my go to when researching items.  It's been reassuring to know that even though I am overwhelmed by all the options, I am able to choose items that have received really high safety ratings.

I have been searching high and low for a gender neutral bed set for the baby. (I don't even know how many stores and websites I have visited in my quest).  I was hoping for a  tan or cream bumper/bedskirt and then a polka dot crib sheet (I love me some polka dots).  My mom started looking for me last night and she found the Flower Burst bedding from the Land of Nod.  It's more pricy than I was hoping and much more colorful, but I really like it.  Isn't it cute; and it has polka dots to boots!!!!  I am going to continue looking, but at least I have a go to if I can't find my boring/neutral bedding. :)

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