Wednesday, May 11, 2011

32 Weeks

Looks like I missed a few weeks of the belly shots, but you still get the picture...she is growing.  I can't believe we will be meeting her in just a few weeks.  The third trimester has been going smoothly.  I am definitely a little more sluggish, sound like a panting dog when I breathe and have joint pain in my hands due to swelling. 

Our nursery is almost complete; Josh did a wonderful Job putting together the crib and moving the furniture around.  My mom asked me the other day about a mobile for the baby's crib; I told her I wasn't planning on having one because I think most of them are ugly.  I didn't realize how important it is for the baby to have something to look at in the crib; probably because she won't be in there much since I am pretty sure I won't be able to put her down. :)  Anyways, I found one on etsy that I liked, but I wasn't willing to pay $80 for it.  I decided I was going to make it.  I am almost done and will post pictures when it is complete.  I only spent $5 because I had most of the supplies.  It is super cute.

Yesterday Josh and I were lounging on the couch when the baby did some sort of judo chop to my innards causing me to have a full body spasm.  It was painful and hilarious all at the same time.  She has been moving so much and I love feeling her everytime!!!!

32 weeks.
I think I look bigger than this in real life