Thursday, August 11, 2011

1 Month Old

I can't believe Esther is already a month old.  She is such a sweet little peanut!!  As of Monday she was back to her birth weight, so now I am working on getting some rolls on her. :)  She is a fabulous eater and sleeper, pretty sure she got the sleeping gene from Josh!!  She is a loud eater and sleeper; she grunts and squeaks. When she is awake she is really alert and so content just looking around or staring at your face.   She has amazing head control, born that way, and loves to stretch.  She looks SO much like Josh!!  We are loving every minute of everyday!!!

going home from the hospital
2 weeks old and about to get a bath

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  1. so happy for you too!! love you...and that sweet little peanut....